Frequently Asked Questions

For Candidates

  • Do I have to register on JobiGulf to search for jobs?

    No! You can search for jobs without registering, however to be able to apply for jobs, you would need to register and upload your CV.

  • Do I need to register on JobiGulf to be able to apply for a job?

    Yes! You can search and view job postings without having to register however, to apply for a job you would need to register as a candidate and create your JobiGulf profile.

  • Why isn't salary listed on a job posting?

    Unfortunately, nowadays it is increasingly rare to have employers include salary/pay rate information upfront in job postings. And since it is entirely up to each individual employer to decide if it is going to include that information in a job posting, you will only be able to see what employers want to share. It is typical for employers to discuss salary and pay scale during or after the first round of interviews.

For Employers

  • How do I post a job with JobiGulf?

    It's very easy! All you need to do is register as an Employer, verify your e-mail, fill in your company's profile and start recruiting the best professionals in the Middle East.